Saturday, March 17, 2012


Ok, so the Townsleys have been MIA from the Tracking the Townsleys blog site for almost five months.  I'm embarrassed to say that.  I had been doing pretty well by posting at a minimum of once per month, but I guess I was being a slacker and just plain didn't make it a priority.  I'm sorry to my family who actually read the darn blog -- but I'm sure you haven't missed much! Now that my mom has given up Facebook for lent, she'll still be able to keep up with my photos without cheating!

Emma's busy with kindergarten and dance and getting ready for her recital.  She just had her big 6th birthday.  Aunt Valerie sent her a box of 24 nail polishes (24!) which are used for designs on the nails.  She is really in to having cute cute nail designs, so we spent the afternoon today doing her nails.  We couldn't just do one design.  We had to find TEN different designs.  To say the least, I think I'm glad she also sent an idea book for nail designs.  It'll keep us busy this spring and summer for sure!

Kaiser has developed a crazy/hilarious personality which mostly just makes me just shake my head.  My favorite recent development is when he's told no or doesn't get his way.  He'll actually go, "Uhhhhhhh!" and drop his head, drop to his knees, and put his face in his hands.  Where on Earth has he seen that actually work??  He also just got a TON of his hair cut off.  He does look pretty handsome, but I was a big fan of his curls.

Eric is still just busy with work and I'm busy with work and grad school.  I'm loving the fact that I'm over half-way finished!  I'll graduate with my master's degree in December.  What on EARTH will I do with my time when I am not spending 15-20 hours per week on grad work? more maybe?  I've really gotten into Pinterest.  It's really just an obsession with finding cool things to use for school and cute things for the kids. I hope to actually be productive with this in the near future.

Hopefully I'll be back before another five months go by! 

Shine on!

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