Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkins, Babies, Pictures, Bobcats, and Weathermen!

We did some pumpkin carving this week at the Townsley house.  It was interesting to say the least.  I will just say, "Thank you, Mom!!!!" A few years ago she got me the kid-safe carving knives for pumpkins and cooking.  Had we not had those knives, I think Kaiser may be missing some digits or appendages.  He was so happy to just stab the pumpkin in the middle and dig out the guts with the spoon.  Boy did my kitchen look pretty after we were done!  We had pumpkin guts from wall to wall and all over the floor.  Emma had it in her hair and Kaiser had pumpkin seeds in his diaper.  Did they have fun? Sure they did.... that's all that matters, right?

Can you guess whose is whose??

We also recently had a baby shower for Baby Townsley. Emma got to hang with some cousins she hasn't seen in a great while.  I’m so excited to soon have another nephew to cuddle!  He got lots of nice things including these one of a kind onesies and diaper cake.... and Becky made some rockin’ malted milk ball cupcakes!  We can’t wait to meet you, Baby T! 

The day of the shower we also had some random family pictures taken by a farm just across from my father-in-law’s church in Walford.  Amazing background for pictures!  Thanks Becky!

Emma had Benny the Bobcat AND Joe Winters in her classroom both in one week!  She thinks she's quite the superstar!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!  Shine on!

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