Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dancing Queen and Easter Fun!

We had quite the eventful weekend!  Emma's second dance recital  proved to be a full year's worth of growth from last year.  I can't believe her improvement!  We had rehearsal on Friday night, recital on Saturday, and Easter at Mom and Dad's on Sunday!  The kids loved being outside (and not getting blown over), searching for their eggs with their cousins.  Mom and Dad had a special surprise for each of us, hiding a special egg for everyone somewhere where we all had to 'think' and 'search' for it.  Mine was under Mom's pillow.  I wonder if that implies I like to take naps there??? Today's nap with Kaiser proved her correct :)

Enjoy the photos!  Time for bed for this tired family!!

Emma and her high school dancer friend, Megan

 Doll on a Music Box

 Emma's Buds

 Emma and Megan

Emma and Tierney

So proud of you, Emma!

 Addalynne, Emma, and her teacher - Christine

Can't wait to hunt eggs!

Ready to rock!

 Kaiser would rather play in the White tractor tire!

Three generations of "Kaiser"

Emma found her egg in Nana's pantry

Ali found hers in the burn pile

Valerie found hers in the ice cream!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cutting Curls, Fashion Sense, and Beautiful Sunshine

Kaiser had his first haircut this week.  It turned out adorable, which I knew it would.  I was dead-set against it, though.  I saw nothing wrong with his long locks.  Eric has been nagging me about Kaiser's hair for the past month or so.  The week before, however, I heard the word "mullet" one too many times from too many people.  I mean seriously, a mullet??  So, I bit the bullet and we went to see Becky.  He did a great job after I gave him his binkie and burp rag.  I absolutely CANNOT believe how different a haircut can make a kid look.  He looks fantastic and I couldn't be more proud of him.  

Emma had her friend over the other night and they asked to get out the make-up.  It's always a picture-worthy moment when they complete their projects.  Wow, that's all I can say, Emma.  :) 

On the way home from church today, Emma says, "God sure picked a great day for sunshine, Mommy.  It's beautiful outside!"

Shine on, Friends :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wanna Hurts Donut?

Emma recently visited my parents for the night.  My father likes to teach Emma things which I might not deem appropriate. For instance, she came home from Mom and Dad's house before our trip to Washington DC last summer.  He told her to say hi to Obama for him by waving.....with one finger.  Wow am I glad that one went right over her head!  He also likes to teach her songs.

His most favorite is the one that goes like this:
Great big globs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts, 
Mutilated monkey meat, little, dirty, birdie feet.  
French fried eyeballs swimmin' in a pool of blood, 
eat 'em without a spoon.

AWESOME, right?  She came home last week and asked me if I wanted a "Hurts Donut".  I said yes.  She punched me.  Then she says... "Hurts, DOESN'T it?" *instead of, "Hurts, DON'T it?"*  'Atta girl, Emma.  You won't even speak grammatically incorrect for a joke!  

Shine on, people! :)