Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shine On!

So today we're driving home from dance and the sun comes out.  It's really bright, and Emma screamed when this song came on the iPod.  

Shine on, shine on, shine on me 
Whenever something's missing 
You're exactly what I need 
Your love has shown me the light and now I finally see 
So shine on, shine on, shine on me, yeah 
Well there are times I still get lost in yesterday 
But you put the past behind me and you light my way.

Ok, so she likes Rascal Flatts, right?  So what, you say?  Well, after the song, she says, "Mom, I love that song.  It reminds me of Grandma.  I bet she's making the sun shine so it's not cloudy."

After I choked down a few tears, I agreed with her and kept driving.

Then after a few moments, she says, "I know why you like to go see Grandpa and keep Grandma's things nice and safe......because you love her smile still, and she made the best cookies in the world."

Yep, Emma, you're exactly right.

Shine brightly today, friends!  Let your smile be your autograph!

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