Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lots of Firsts at the Townsleys!

Kaiser watched his first tractor ride and loved it.  He watched in amazement as over 60 tractors drove by!  He even got to watch Poppy drive by in his tractor and sit in Uncle Mike's Oliver!

Emma had her first sleepover with all of Aunt Kookie's great nieces and nephews (minus the babies!).  They went to a movie and stayed up late!  She had a blast getting a make over with the girls!  Looks like quite the crew!

Emma started kindergarten.  She loves every minute of it.  She comes home every night and says, "No homework...." like she's disappointed.  Eric keeps telling her he's going to have to talk to her teacher...!  Emma confessed to me the other day that she had her first "Boy-chasing recess" where they played "My Babysitter is a Vampire."  Um.......... what is THAT???  "Mooooooooomm, it's a TV show!"  Lord help me!

We went to Adventureland with Nana, Alison, Nolan, and Mason.  Emma rode two big roller coasters. I was way too scared to even go near a roller coaster at her age, so I was very proud of her.  She didn't get sick, but she sure looked queasy when it was over!  On the way up to stand in line for The Dragon, she said, "Uh, Mom, I'm not too sure about this!"  When she saw Aunt Ali coming up, I knew I'd be able to get her in the seat.  The trip brought back tons of memories from my younger years and I actually enjoyed myself and had fun on the big-kid rides!  After she was soaked on the log ride, she screamed out, "THAT WAS N O T FAIR!" When she saw that Nana and I didn't get nearly as wet as she did!  She also went on a huge slide at the water park after a mini-melt down.  She was scared of how high it was but after her first time, she wanted to do it again and again!  The magician at the magic show gave her a balloon flower during the show and she got extremely embarrassed.  We've got some work to do with this area - she seems to do this at the oddest times!  It was a great day... as Emma screamed from the top of the Lady Luck, "Best! Day! Ever!"  I also included the picture of Emma and her cousins from the ride home.  They were pooped!

Kaiser had his first experience with surprising his mommy!  This morning when we were leaving, I walked into my bedroom and found Kaiser coloring (the underside of) my bedspread with an ink pen.  So, needless to say, he got a scolding.  When we walked out the door, he walked into the car door so he got to daycare with a huge smack on his face.  At about 10 o'clock, I get a text message from Melissa, his daycare provider, and the caption says, "Did Kaiser have a pen this morning by chance?"
This was hands down the absolute funniest text I've ever received!

Eric and I've got a future Picaso on our hands!  

Shine on, Friends!  
And DON'T leave a pen lying around with this 20 month on the loose!

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