Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emma's 5th Birthday Wish

What do you think of these puppy names?  

Oliver, Mack, Joey, Cooper, Gator, or Finn???? 

We're pondering (almost positive) we're going to be getting a puppy. If I had my way, I'd drive a few hours and pick him up tonight. But, the big guy says we must wait!

Emma has decided she wants this for her birthday. She had previously asked for a DS, her very own iPod (I'm tired of just a family iPod, Mommy), a swing set for our backyard, and even her own computer.  She's got a Leapster and a TAG Learning System, so there's no way we're getting her a DS.  She'd rather color anyway, and it'd just sit in her room or get lost!  She's also got a few computers to choose from if she really wanted one.  There'd be no need for her to have her own.

I have been trying to steal my nephdog, Baxter, for quite some time.  To no avail, they keep saying no.  So, we've decided an inside non-shedding smaller dog will do the trick, rather than stealing Baxter.  Emma was ecstatic with the idea.  She immediately said we'll need to make sure all toys are picked up so the puppy won't eat them.  She's crazy about the puppies at her daycare, so she has asked me every night for the past three nights when we're getting our puppy.  She has even said that she can take care of feeding it and taking it outside to do his 'business'.  We'll see if she ends up holding her end of the bargain.... :)

So, any ideas or advice before we take on this new adventure in our journey called life?  You can start with name suggestions :)

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